Announces Release of Full Season 1 of “The First Buck” Podcast: Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Leaders To Reach Their Full Potential

Aug 31, 2023 4:20 PM ET, a leading organization dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, is thrilled to announce the release of the entire first season of its new podcast, The First Buck. Hosted by Sky’s the Limit Co-Founder, Nic Cary, this captivating podcast aims to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and equip business leaders at every phase of their journey to reach their full potential.

The First Buck invites its audience to dive into the stories and wisdom of accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders who have blazed trails, unraveling the pivotal moments that marked the earning of their first dollar. Each episode is a treasure trove of valuable insights, practical tools, and unerring inspiration, all meticulously designed to help individuals transform their entrepreneurial aspirations into concrete realities.

Nic Cary, a seasoned serial entrepreneur and lifelong technologist, brings a wealth of experience to The First Buck. As the Co-founder and President at, Nic has secured over $300 million in investments from esteemed backers. Honored as the European Digital Leader of the Year in 2015, Nic's accolades span far and wide. He is also the Founding Commissioner of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development and a co-author of the groundbreaking book The Future is Decentralised. Nic's accomplishments have been featured in prestigious publications such as the New York Times, TEDx, NPR, Financial Times, Forbes, and many more.

Episodes of The First Buck feature prominent guests, having riveting discussions, engaging narratives, and pragmatic advice tailor-made for entrepreneurs and business leaders. The nine episodes boast an impressive roster of accomplished leaders and entrepreneurs spanning diverse industries:

  • Mary Mack, retired CEO of Consumer & Small Business Banking at Wells Fargo and a strong advocate for entrepreneurs and small businesses nationwide
  • Fabio Rosati, Chairman at Snagajob, a platform designed to help people find hourly work suited to their skills, maximizing their potential
  • Rick Wade, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Outreach for the US Chamber of Commerce
  • Jesse Haines, Managing Director of Grow with Google, the company’s $1 billion initiative that has helped over 10 million Americans grow their skills, careers, and businesses.
  • Paul Solli, Co-founder and former Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Aperio Group, an investment management firm customizing wealth portfolios based on market exposure, taxes, personal values (ESG), factors, and risk
  • Seth Levine, Co-founder of Foundry Group, a venture capitalist agency focused on making early-stage technology investments, participating in select growth rounds, and identifying and supporting the next generation of venture fund managers
  • Michelle Parsons, Product Executive in Residence at Product School, the global leader in product training with a growing community of 2 million product professionals
  • Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe, Associate Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she focuses her research on entrepreneurship, innovation, and private equity
  • Jeff Lynn, Co-founder and Chairman of Seedrs, a company that connects investors with growth-focused European startups

Tune in – now streaming on Spotify, iTunes, and wherever you listen to podcasts – to gain the tools, insights, and motivation needed to thrive in the dynamic world of business.

Explore all the episodes of The First Buck podcast here.

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