Announces 3 Inspiring Fashion Entrepreneurs You Really Need To Discover This Fashion Week

Feb 15, 2023 10:00 AM ET
Anthony Imafidon
Anthony Imafidon, Founder of Motivated Express based in New York, NY

With all eyes on New York Fashion Week, three entrepreneurs from the community are building fashion brands to watch. Hailing from New York and Georgia, these designers are taking a purpose-focused approach as they create businesses that change lives.

They are:

  • Anthony Imafidon, based in New York, NY, is Founder of Motivated Express, a clothing brand that helps deaf people and members of the hard of hearing community to stay motivated and express their aspirations, and not let their disability hold them back from what they want to achieve.

    Anthony is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and fashion designer who wants to inspire others like him to step into their own power and reclaim their narrative. Anthony wants his deaf and hard-of-hearing community members to grow their confidence and take ownership of their destiny.

    “Growing up with hearing loss was a difficult journey for me. Facing challenges, different barriers, having self-doubt, disappointments, and setbacks going into the hearing world. I knew that I would use that as motivation to better myself by becoming stronger and wiser. Accepting who truly I am as my identity and motivating myself who I want to become. We must keep learning about ourselves and always be looking for self-improvement in ourselves," said Anthony.

    Read more about Anthony here.

  • Tamika Akins, based in Hampton, GA, is Founder of Prim and Saucy Boutique, whose mission is to help moms positively enable their kids to embrace their unique style with confidence and enjoy being kids. Her focus is on creating lasting memories through imaginative play and fashionable moments. She encourages and supports creative imagination with her brand, allowing girls to feel empowered to be their authentic selves. The organization gives back to the community by donating to women's shelters and other non-profit organizations such as Purses of Hope to advocate for women and children in need.

    “I decided to take a leave of absence from my corporate job as an IT Consultant and to tap into my passion for fashion by leveraging my craftiness. I’ve always stood by the saying: When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good,” said Tamika.

    One of her goals is to one day partner with Girls Who Code and other STEM organizations to help close the gender gap in tech and leverage fashion to improve girls' confidence.

    Read more about Tamika here.

  • Teriana Jackson, based in Atlanta, GA, is Founder of She’s Stepping, a shoe brand that is all about stepping into the next role, feeling good, and being happy. She is a mother, wife, student, and business owner.

    “As a woman, I juggle a lot of roles, and no matter which role I am playing, self image is always important. I ask myself daily what energy I would want the world to take from me, and I believe the answer should always be positive energy. To show love to the world I must love myself. To do that, I dress to impress and make the world my own fashion show," said Teriana.

    Read more about Teriana here.

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