Sharing Our Vision for Zero Impact - A blog by FMYI

Oct 28, 2010 10:09 PM ET
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Sharing Our Vision for Zero Impact

This Saturday, team members, Justin Yuen, FMYI President, and Graeme Byrd, FMYI Sales & Marketing Manager, will present at the 2010 Net Impact Conference.

Attendees of their workshop, “Got 2020 Vision? Two Companies March Towards Zero Impact” will learn about building a vision and action plan to drive sustainability efforts towards zero impact by 2020. Justin will share personal insight from his work pioneering sustainability employee engagement at Nike. Graeme will present the processes and tools FMYI utilized for its own 2020 vision and action plan. An overview of the Natural Step Framework, a systems approach to sustainability, will also be featured.

“Once again, FMYI is very pleased to be participating in Net Impact,” said Justin Yuen, FMYI President. “This workshop is an incredible opportunity for us to share our experience which hopefully inspires others. It is also a way for us to demonstrate how we are guided by the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) to do the work necessary to stay true to our DNA-level commitment to sustainability.”

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