See How Medtronic Employees Are Advancing Sustainability

The Environmental Action Group is a thriving resource for employees with a shared passion for the environment
Jun 9, 2022 3:15 PM ET

See how Medtronic employees are advancing sustainability

When Shona Kamps first looked to get involved with sustainability efforts at Medtronic, she discovered there wasn’t a central group to connect employees with a shared passion for the environment.

In response, she joined with colleagues to start a global group from scratch, and the Medtronic Environmental Action Group (EAG) was born.

Today, the EAG is a thriving resource for Medtronic employees who aim to foster environmental sustainability at work and in their personal lives. In its first seven months, the EAG grew to over 1,000 global members, and continues to add more daily.

The group is educating colleagues and sharing resources on individual behaviors and systemic changes that can improve sustainability. Other areas of interest include cutting back on digital waste, and socially responsible retirement investing, said Kamps, a business process improvement analyst.

Growing community

The EAG hosts frequent events and speakers, and boasts members from around the world. In just one year, a team in Europe planted over 3,500 trees. They hope to plant 10,000 by 2025.

And members say they’re in it for the long haul, with a goal of helping every employee understand the importance of sustainability and how it relates to their daily work.

Building on a commitment

Medtronic has a long-standing commitment to sustainability. The company set a goal of reaching carbon neutrality in our operations by fiscal year 2030. By FY 2045, Medtronic aims to achieve zero emissions companywide.

Going forward, the EAG hopes to contribute to Medtronic meeting its ambitious sustainability goals.

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