Science Education Programs for Students Offered by Amgen Foundation

Jun 18, 2015 9:40 AM ET

Amgen Foundation’s science education programs give over 2,000,000 students hands-on experiences in science: 

  • Amgen Biotech Experience: Provides teachers with professional development, equipment and hands-on curricula to transform biology education in secondary schools. 
  • Amgen Scholars Program: Provides undergraduates with the opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research experiences at world-leading institutions and learn about biotechnology. 
  • Amgen BioTalents: Provides undergraduates across Puerto Rico with in-depth training in biomanufacturing through a strong hands-on approach. 
  • Amgen-MIT Biomanufacturing Educational Initiative: Supports the launch of a new online course that highlights the complexity and importance of biologics manufacturing. 


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