Schmidt’s Renews $25,000 Commitment to Whole Planet Foundation’s Poverty Is Unnecessary Fund

Mar 21, 2023 10:50 AM ET
Campaign: Whole Planet
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Suppliers of Whole Foods Market are empowering microentrepreneurs, primarily women, with economic opportunity. These generous brands fund microloans for entrepreneurs living in poverty so they can start or expand a small business, often home-based. With a small loan of around $200, an entrepreneur can purchase essential needs for their small enterprises, such as products for a food stand, equipment for a sewing business, or tools for a small-scale farm.  Profits from their microbusinesses provide these entrepreneurs the opportunity to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, one loan at a time.

Celebrating the economic achievements of women in March

Every year, we celebrate the economic achievements of women microcredit clients in March during Women’s History Month. Supporting brands are invited to help further our mission by funding additional microloans. Brands that donate $25,000 in March to fund microcredit are recognized as members of Whole Planet Foundation’s Poverty Is Unnecessary Fund. This month’s generous donors include Schmidt's, Lundberg Family Farms, MaryRuth’s, SheaMoisture and So Delicious.


Jaime Schmidt started making natural products in her Portland kitchen back in 2010. She felt frustrated with the lack of effective natural products in the marketplace, so she decided to make her own. Today, this woman-founded company, in partnership with Whole Planet Foundation, is paying it forward by helping fund microloans for women microentrepreneurs around the globe. With their renewed support, Schmidt’s is funding additional microloans for those living in poverty around the global. To date, Schmidt’s has helped fund more than 2,290 income-generating opportunities for entrepreneurs, primarily women.

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