At Scale Podcast: Trees As Essential Infrastructure

Feb 14, 2022 10:00 AM ET
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Hosted by Audrey Choi

Whether they’re cooling our cities, swallowing carbon, or protecting our neighborhoods from natural disasters...trees are much more than decorative lamp posts. In this episode we hear the argument for why trees should be considered essential infrastructure and why not every tree planting campaign can deliver what it promises.

Vivek Shandas, who studies climate adaptation at Portland State University, sits down with Audrey to talk trees. He and Carlotta Conte of Dark Matter Labs explain why trees are valuable assets for any city. We’ll also get a first-hand account from Gretchen Bradford who is leading a re-planting effort in her New Orleans neighborhood and we’ll have Paul Smith and Herbert Ongubo of Botanic Gardens Conservation International weigh in on whether more is actually better when it comes to tree-planting efforts.

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