This Saturday, "Record Store Day" Celebrates Music, Community and Buying Local - By Care2 Trailblazers for Good

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Apr 15, 2011 8:52 AM ET
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This Saturday, "Record Store Day" Celebrates Music, Community and Buying Local

Few will argue that digital media is fast, cheap and convenient. Since the rise of the iPod, music lovers have been able to carry an entire audio library in their pockets. We can buy a brand new album the very instant it becomes available, or preview millions of songs from the comfort of our homes. A band's whole discography can be downloaded in less time than it takes to listen to their first single.

But there's something missing from the iTunes Store, and this Saturday, you just might find it etched in a black vinyl disc for sale at your local independent record store. It's called community. Since 2007, an annual celebration known as Record Store Day has united vendors, artists and fans around the globe in support of music, independent culture and buying local.

Participating locations pop and hiss with activity on Record Store Day. Artists mingle with fans, total strangers connect over shared concert experiences and families discover new music they can enjoy together. Promotions vary from store to store, but previous festivities have included free live performances, cook-outs, body painting, parades, autograph sessions and more. It's a welcoming atmosphere similar to a small-town carnival or a county fair-- just with much better music.

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