Sappi and Its Communities – How We Get Involved

Nov 22, 2016 9:00 AM ET

We take great pride in the local footprint we have created in the communities in which we operate. Sappi’s history within North America dates back to the 1850s, and it’s no surprise our civic involvement has also been active from the very beginning. Strong collaboration between Sappi and local institutions, organizations and partners reflects Sappi’s commitment to support the community. In turn, the community is able to fulfill more needs in areas such as research and education, creating a positive cycle of mutual benefits.

Our Sustainability Ambassadors continue to build relationships between Sappi and our local communities. In many cases, we have established our presence and positive impact through recurring community events such as the River Quest program supported by our Cloquet employees. Through River Quest, each year over 1,200 sixth-grade students and teachers have a hands-on learning experience using the St. Louis River ecosystem as a core to the curriculum. Similarly our southern Maine ambassadors have organized a major Sappi presence at the Portland area “Green Community” day, including papermaking demonstrations and insights to best management practices in forestry.

Aligned with the company’s spirit of conservation, the Sappi Coated Sales group volunteered with Chad Pregracke and his team from Living Lands & Waters to clean up Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, which sits on the Delaware River. The group spent half a day picking up various trash and debris—enough trash to fill up an entire barge. While the work was challenging, the employees appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the local community.

Learn more about Sappi’s local and national initiatives in our 2015 Sappi North America Sustainability Report: