SAP Plans to Power All Datacenters by Renewable Electricity

SAP Plans to Power All Datacenters by Renewable Electricity


Following Facebook's lead earlier this month, SAP wants everyone to know how much it cares about the environment, starting in the datacenter.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 8:10am

CAMPAIGN: SAP's Sustainable Corporate Strategy

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SAP has been curating a sustainable image push for some time now, and the software company is taking another step further this year.

Amid publishing its second annual integrated report on Friday morning, which covers sustainability and other non-financial metrics, SAP revealed plans to to power all of its facilities and datacenters with 100 percent renewable electricity.

Such an ambitious plan won't happen all at once, but the German software company assured that it will get to work on this game plan this year.

As SAP, and the rest of the technology industry, move their data and business models to the cloud, datacenters play an increasingly heavy role in delivering services.

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