Rooted in Communities: El Sauzal Part 1

Rooted in Communities: El Sauzal Part 1

Reclamation and revitalization

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Pages from our Goldcorp Video Scrapbook depict wildlife habitat reclamation plans at El Sauzal. In Spanish on left “A picture is worth 1000 words” and at right “Restoring our Community” speak to our industry-leading commitment to responsibility and sustainability.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 1:00pm


How far does Goldcorp go to ensure sustainable community benefits and environmental stewardship? From start to flourishing finish, in every region of operation.

Long before production begins, Goldcorp is already planning for closure, site rehabilitation and returning the land back to communities, so it can thrive for generations to come. This diligence has helped the Company set industry benchmarks and earn several reclamation awards.

In Mexico, El Sauzal mine is not slated for closure until 2015, yet work is well underway to prepare for reforestation, wildlife habitat and positive economic impact based on regional, financial, legal, social and safety consultation.

The aim is to restore the land to a productive state, placing priority on full containment and coverage to prevent acid drainage. The tailings storage area, waste rock dump and all on-site buildings will also be fully reclaimed. The ultimate goal is to come full circle with restoration that crowns Goldcorp’s legacy of lasting social benefit – a commitment that begins as soon as Goldcorp arrives.

Back in 2011, the region surrounding El Sauzal was isolated, with few roads and no electricity. From then until today, Goldcorp has created infrastructure, access to vital health care, education, career training and jobs for nearly 500 people.

Considerable care was taken from the onset to identify key community needs through baseline studies which ensure that cultural values will carry on through new initiatives. For example, Goldcorp funded an agricultural program that melds local tradition with fresh career options, skill sets and economic vitality.

Other unique entrepreneurial partnerships will be featured in Part 2 of this series, so please check back soon to learn how Goldcorp continues to transform lives and livelihoods in the communities surrounding El Sauzal.  

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