The Role of the Nonprofit Board: Four Simple Words

May 4, 2011 5:17 PM ET

Alice Korngold's Blog

You're told that the organization is high impact in addressing a vital community issue, and that its services are cost effective. You're giving your time and money (hopefully, generously). And other people see that you're involved; they trust the organization because they trust you. Simply by serving on the board, you're vouching.

A cause you believe in. Nice people. That's great. Just one question: HOW DO YOU KNOW?

And there it is ... the essence of the role of the board.

The HOW DO YOU KNOW questions

HOW DO YOU KNOW if the organization is accomplishing what it has set out to do (its mission)? Truly meeting the needs of its clients? Maximizing its effectiveness? On track with its budget? On track with its strategic plan, and updating it in the face of new challenges and opportunities? In compliance with legal and regulatory requirements? Financially accountable?

For continuation, see Fast Company here....


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