Rockwell Automation and CaseiZ Help Manufacturers Reduce Energy Costs

Aug 9, 2023 11:00 AM ET

Nearly every manufacturing facility uses compressed air. And all share the challenge of keeping compressed air systems running efficiently and reliably.

Depending on the industry (e.g., automotive, consumer goods, mining, etc.), the compressed air system accounts for 10-50% of a plant’s energy usage and is as essential to uptime as electricity. But compressors are inherently inefficient.

Rockwell Automation (NYSE:ROK) and CaseiZ, a global leader in compressed air solutions, worked together to create a solution to find efficiency gains in compressors, often a hidden source of inefficiency. CaseiZ, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), relies on a Rockwell platform to modernize and integrate obsolete systems. In many cases, these improvements can uncover potential energy savings from 25-50%.

CaseiZ developed AirView Cloud, a monitoring system based on the ThingWorx IIoT platform, connects disparate devices, applications, and data streams to enable secure access to industrial operations data.

“The ThingWorx platform is changing two things,” said Allen King, Jr., manager of operations, CaseiZ. “First, it improves customer visibility into their system. And second, it massively accelerates our efficiency in customer support.”

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