Registration Now Open for Climate Ride California!

Aug 22, 2011 10:24 AM ET
Campaign: Climate Ride

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Give yourself the gift of adventure while performing a good deed for mother earth.  Sign up today for Climate Ride California as a supporter or Climate Counts.  

Climate Ride California 2011 Oct 2-6 | 5 Days | 320 Miles 

After being a non-profit partner of the Climate Ride the past two years, Climate Counts is honored to be one of the Ride's beneficiaries for 2011. We’re among a select group of 17 beneficiary organizations, all working on climate solutions.

What does it mean for you? This year, when you sign up as a rider, you can sign up to have your miles on the open road benefit Climate Counts!   Learn more about how Climate Ride proceeds will help support important climate work here.   For more information on Climate Ride California.  Visit their website:    Join up today and be a part of something big!  

Climate Counts company scores let you see which companies are showing true climate action by scoring them on the four key benchmarks to climate leadership: reviewing emissions, reducing emissions, public policy positions, and transparency. So when it comes to those necessity purchases, you have the power to use your dollars to support those companies that reflect your own concerns about climate change. But the fight against climate change doesn’t stop at your wallet, Climate Counts gives you the power to “raise your voice” directly to these same global corporations through e-mail and Twitter.