'The Ray': The Smartest Road in the U.S. Is Hidden Away in Rural Georgia

By Vineeth Joel Patel
Aug 2, 2018 11:00 AM ET
Campaign: The Ray

Originally published on FutureCar.com

Electric and autonomous vehicles are the main focal points of the automotive industry at the moment. Automakers and technology companies are currently working on ways to make vehicles cleaner and smarter. It hasn't been easy for alternatively powered vehicles, but they're slowly starting to gain recognition for being better forms of transportation than regular gasoline-powered cars. 

Now that electric vehicles have caught on, automakers and companies have turned towards revolutionizing the trucking industry by introducing all-electric semi-trucks. No one drives as much as truckers, which makes introducing electric semi-trucks a smart decision that could drastically make transporting goods more efficient.   With the introduction of electric vehicles, companies have come out and introduced charging stations. EVs need to get juice and finding new, innovative ways to deliver that power is crucial. Some companies have even started to develop wireless charging technology to make the charging process easier.   There has been a lot of development with vehicles when it comes to improving efficiency, but there isn't a lot of thought going into the physical roads that we drive on. There are millions of miles of roads in the United States and all of them are relatively the same – black asphalt that sits idly by, allowing vehicles to drive on them 24 hours a day seven days a week.    A nonprofit foundation called The Ray is looking to change that. The Georgia based foundation has created one of the smartest roads in the United States. Unfortunately, few have heard about the piece of tarmac along Interstate 85, as it's tucked out of sight, hidden away from drivers. That's a shame, as the foundation's work is paving the way forward for the future.    Read the full story on FutureCar.com