Ranchers Reeling from South Dakota Blizzard

Ranchers Reeling from South Dakota Blizzard

TransCanada is pitching in to help those impacted by a devastating storm

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Lending a hand: 25,000 head of cattle are believed to have perished in last month’s blizzard that hit the U.S. Midwest, and death tolls are likely to rise as ranchers continue to search for their cattle. TransCanada is pitching in to help those impacted by the devastating winter storm. (Photo courtesy of South Dakota Stockgrowers Association)

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 9:00am


Kathleen and Howard Ingalls have been ranching for over 55 years. From their ranch in Meade County, South Dakota, they’ve seen their fair share of bad weather over the years, but the winter storm known as Atlas, was just about as bad as it gets. Between October 3 and 5, an intense winter storm hit western South Dakota, bringing with it heavy rains, record breaking snowfall and hurricane force winds.

“We don’t typically see winter storms like this so early in October,” says Mrs. Ingalls. “At this time of year, the cattle are still slick, they haven’t developed their winter coat and they aren’t able to deal with this kind of wet and cold weather.”

The result? Tens of thousands of cattle, sheep and horses froze to death as hypothermia set in and ranchers watched helplessly.

Find out how TransCanada is supporting the relief effort and how you can help, on our blog.