Ramona Gardens Natural Park - Air Pollution Reduction Measures

Jun 17, 2021 2:35 PM ET

The Ramona Gardens Housing Development is in the Northern Boyle Heights neighborhood of central Los Angeles. The housing complex is home to 1,800 residents, including 700 children. The community is situated less than 150 feet north of the 12-lane I-10 freeway, 2-lane express toll road, and the Metrolink rail corridor. 

When compared to average California communities, Ramona Gardens is disproportionately impacted by air pollutants due to:

  • Proximity to major transportation corridors
  • Urban Heat Island effects
  • Local weather/prevailing winds pattern
  • Socioeconomic factors

WSP assisted in the design of a natural park that would act as a buffer between the Ramona Gardens Housing Development and the adjacent transportation corridors.  WSP researched existing environmental conditions in the project area, monitored air quality data, meteorological conditions, health statistics and socioeconomic information.  WSP then analyzed potential air pollution reduction measures to be integrated into the park, including barriers, green buffers, and other vegetative solutions, in order to maximize health benefits to the community.