Quiet Race: Celebrating Neurodiversity in Collaboration with Formula E & Autism Speaks

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Jul 19, 2019 1:00 PM ET

Quiet Race: Celebrating Neurodiversity in Collaboration with Formula E & Autism…

People on the autism spectrum experience the world differently, especially children with sensory processing conditions. Loud noises and bright lights can be difficult to tolerate.

So large sporting events aren’t usually an option – until now.

As part of our pledge to support neurodiversity and recognize people with different abilities to be the makers of tomorrow, Stanley Black & Decker teamed up with Autism Speaks and Envision Virgin Racing Formula E for a special event, a quiet race. One of the most distinctive characteristics of Formula E is the low level of noise compared to other track sports. Because they are at the forefront of technical innovation and development of quieter, more sustainable vehicles, no other motorsport circuit ‘sounds’ like Formula E.

We worked with both organizations to build a schedule of events around the Formula E Championship Finals in New York (July 13-14), giving a group of children with autism an in-depth, behind-the-scenes garage tour and race-day experience, and providing them the unique opportunity to meet the drivers and see the action close-up. The kids were joined by Chasing Classic Cars legend Wayne Carini, who was there to meet them and answer any questions from the kids and their families. We thank Wayne for his support and inspiration in this initiative, and his guidance from personal experience.

In advance of the race weekend – we also shared a specially-created ASMR video, developed in collaboration with the experts from the Franklin Academy, who are based in Connecticut where Stanley Black & Decker has been home for 176 years. ASMR videos are proven to help people who are oversensitive to environmental stimuli, providing a calming, immersive and relaxing experience.

Thanks to all our allies and partners: Envision Virgin Racing, Autism Speaks, Franklin Academy, Wayne Carini, Nathalie McGloin, Ant Anstead and Richard Rawlings and our Abilities Employee Resource Group for their dedication and support for this cause – celebrating neurodiversity and inclusivity, and helping people of all abilities to thrive.