Purpose 360: Purpose Under Pressure

Sep 29, 2022 4:00 PM ET
Purpose under pressure podcast

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Purpose Under Pressure on Purpose 360 Podcast

Purpose has proven to be a solution for a major business challenge: The Great Resignation.

The pandemic has given us a lot to think about. Employees are rearranging their priorities to pursue greater meaning (and values-alignment) in their work, placing significant new demands on their employers.

Where does purpose fit in? Purpose Under Pressure, a research collaboration between Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, The Harris Poll, and Allison + Partners, unpacks the benefits of a strong Purpose during turbulent times, its value for recruitment and retention – as well as some early red flags for Purpose practitioners – and tools to embed Purpose within organizations for maximum benefit.

Listen to host Carol Cone; Wendy Salomon, Managing Director of Corporate Reputation & Strategy (The Harris Poll); and Whitney Dailey, Executive Vice President of Purpose (Allison + Partners) for insights on:

  • What employees expect from employers

  • Why there is a disconnect between employees and leadership when it comes to purpose fulfillment

  • How marketing and strategy-building functions are the least “bought in” to purpose

  •  Shifts that have occurred since the start of the pandemic

Listen to this episode and others here.