Privacy is Dead. Long Live Privacy! - By Chad Tragakis

Privacy is Dead. Long Live Privacy! - By Chad Tragakis

Chad Tragakis, Senior Vice President, Hill & Knowlton, Washington. Author at the blog ResponsAbility


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Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 1:36pm




The Queen of England joined Facebook late last year. I signed up early last month. It was a New Year’s resolution and I was officially out of excuses. If, at age 83, Her Majesty could do it, then I certainly could. I had my reasons for waiting so long, much to the surprise, chagrin and teasing of friends and family. First, the time crunch. I’ve seen how so many friends and colleagues practically live on the site, and how much it consumes some of them. But, more than concerns over time were concerns over privacy. How much would I have to give up to glean the benefits of the site and all it had to offer?

Facebook has had to deal with continued criticismboycotts and legal action over allegations of violating user privacy. Some of this was related to the site’s wildly popular but seemingly innocuous gaming apps, like Farmville and Texas HoldEm. And Facebook is just one of many firms being forced to address privacy issues head on.

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