Planters Goes Nuts for Sustainability With Oscar Week Announcements - By Leon Kaye

Leon Kaye writes extensively for the GoGreenPost - where sustainability meets sensible.
Feb 25, 2011 8:40 AM ET
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Planters Goes Nuts for Sustainability With Oscar Week Announcements


Oscar week in Los Angeles is usually dominated by glitzy brands that get to drop those coveted luxury items into those swanky swag bags.  No word on whether Planter snack mixes will be included with Gucci clasps or Prada accessories, but the Omega-3-rich division of Kraft Foods has nonetheless been busy in La-La-Land.

Led by Mr. Peanut, the most impressive celebrity to come from the ground since Mr. Potato Head, Planters added to the Pre-Oscar week fun with its announcement of two sustainability initiatives:  an investment in developing green space across the country and a funky bio-diesel fueled car that would have made Rudolf Diesel proud.

In front of dozens of students from nearby Lawndale’s Environmental Charter High School (ECHS), Planters co-hosted a shindig near the iconic corner of Hollywood and Vine with Global Green USA and the Chevy Volt.  With the Capitol Record building towering in the background, Global Green announced the launch of its City Carbon Index, a portal that shows a city’s current greenhouse gas emission levels--currently Los Angeles is the guinea pig, scoring less than what ECSH’s students boast on their report cards with a current grade of C-. 

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