The Philanthropy Buzz: Every Act Matters

The Philanthropy Buzz: Every Act Matters

By Jon Campbell, head of CSR at Wells Fargo
Thursday, September 18, 2014 - 3:30pm

CAMPAIGN: Wells Fargo Social Impact and Sustainability


Most people are shocked to hear I’m a beekeeper. About six years ago, my wife, Susan, and I started our first colony. We’re avid gardeners and wanted to use honeybees around our house in Minnesota to help fertilize and maintain our three-acre prairie garden of native grasses and wildflowers of yarrow, tall blazing star, purple prairie clover, and joe-pye weed.

Honeybees are small, but their impact isn’t. Their pollination accounts for nearly a third of the food we eat in the U.S., valued at more than $15 billion. Their work ethic fittingly illustrates the spirit and selflessness at work during this Community Support and United Way giving season.

Like beekeeping, everyday actions — in any size — can make a huge difference. At Wells Fargo in 2013, our team members alone contributed more than $89 million and logged 1.69 million volunteer hours to 25,000 nonprofits and schools to continue a long tradition of  team member philanthropy.