P&G's Widen the Screen Initiative Invests in Black Talent on Both Sides of the Camera

A new inclusion initiative continues the brand's interest in creative equity
Apr 6, 2021 4:20 PM ET

Originally posted on Adweek

Some of film’s simplest images of Black life have a way of inspiring deep-seated dread in audiences.

A shot of two boys entering a convenience store can have viewers guessing whether they’ll make it out alive. Black female characters are too often saddled with outdated stereotypes disguised as “strength” with little to no development. Even moments of joy seem like brief segues to something much more bleak, like peace before inevitable tragedy.

It shouldn’t be this way. But for Black audiences, this is the reality when faced with a film industry that repeatedly invests in a very narrow view of the culture —a view often presented by white creators.

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