PepsiCo is #FundingHerFuture through Whole Planet Foundation

Natural Brands Donate More than $1 Million Since 2007
Mar 14, 2019 10:00 AM ET

This year, Whole Planet Foundation aims to raise $4 million dollars during its Annual Prosperity Campaign to fund microloans for people living in poverty where Whole Foods Market sources products. Amplifying this year’s campaign, suppliers to Whole Foods Market in the Foundation’s top giving levels are collectively donating $1.05 million to fund 31,550 opportunities for low-income entrepreneurs around the world to change their own lives.  

Naked, one of the donating PepsiCo. brands, has been proudly supporting Whole Planet Foundation since 2007, contributing $800,000 to alleviate global poverty through microcredit.

Microcredit is small loans – the current average first loan size supported by Whole Planet Foundation is $178 – with no formal collateral or contract, provided to the world’s poorest people – mostly women - to create or expand a business for the opportunity to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. 

Members of the PepsiCo. brand team have met microcredit clients whose loans were funded by Whole Planet Foundation in the United States and most recently in Nepal.  “Supporting Whole Planet Foundation through our brands has been inspiring for our whole team, and aligns with PepsiCo’s mission of providing Performance with Purpose,” says Michelle Long, Director of PepsiCo.’s Natural Channel. Watch the video.

Whole Planet Foundation’s global impact has reached microentrepreneurs in 75 countries thanks to supplier donors - like Naked Juice - who have contributed more than $12 million for poverty alleviation.  During March, Naked Juice’s membership in the $100,000 Fund is being spotlighted in Whole Planet Foundation’s Annual Prosperity Campaign, taking place in Whole Foods Market stores and online.  Please join Naked Juice in alleviating poverty and make your donation today to #FundHerFuture.