Numi Organic Tea is #FundingHerFuture through Whole Planet Foundation

Numi Organic Tea is #FundingHerFuture through Whole Planet Foundation

Numi Foundation Celebrates People, Planet & Possibility on International Women’s Day

Reem, Ahmed and Numi’s turmeric farming community in Madagascar come Together for H2OPE, celebrating completion of 23 wells giving 4,000 people access to clean water for the first time ever. Remaining photos from Assam, India where the company sources black tea and supports farming communities.

Monday, March 11, 2019 - 1:30pm

CAMPAIGN: Whole Planet Foundation


Numi Organic Tea is a new member of Whole Planet Foundation’s Supplier Alliance for Microcredit, donating $50,000 this year to alleviate global poverty through microcredit. Microloans are small loans – the current average first loan size supported by Whole Planet Foundation is $178 – with no formal collateral or contract, provided to the world’s poorest people – mostly women - to create or expand a business for the opportunity to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. 

“The partnership between Numi and Whole Planet Foundation amplifies and extends our work nurturing and empowering global communities to prosper and thrive in good health. We are stronger together in realizing our shared vision of a world where all basic human needs are met and people have the resources to fulfill their greatest potential,” says Co-Founder Ahmed Rahim. “It is an honor to commit on this path with Whole Planet Foundation and create positive impact for communities in need.”

Reem Rahim Hassani, Ahmed’s sister and Co-Founder of Numi Tea adds, “We are excited to partner with Whole Planet Foundation in our joint mission to make the world a better place than we found it. Supporting people through initiatives like the Prosperity Campaign, Fair Trade, and Together for H2OPE, brings our mission full circle. Similar to Together for H2OPE, a Numi Foundation nonprofit program bringing clean water and sanitation education to our family communities, Whole Planet Foundation’s work funding microfinance institutions benefits primarily women who have so much at stake to help lift their families out of poverty. From one female entrepreneur to the next, the value that brings to our children is priceless.”

Whole Planet Foundation’s Development and Outreach Director Joy Stoddard shares, “The synergy between Numi Organic Tea and Whole Planet Foundation is powered by purpose.  Working collaboratively, we can make an exponential difference for women around the globe and their families, something to celebrate on International Women’s Day.”

Both organizations support communities in India, a country where Numi Organic Tea sources black tea. The Numi Foundation achievements of Together for H2OPE in Assam, India include 6,500 residents with water filters and trainings, 60 water samples with 100% safe filtered water, ten Community WASH Agents, six schools with WASH awareness and three public health department and government partnerships for sustainability.  Key project impact includes an 80% drop in the waterborne illness rate, a 90% drop in the work absenteeism rate due to waterborne illness, a 90% drop in the school absenteeism rate due to waterborne illness, and a 90% increase in the safe handwashing rate.

Whole Planet Foundation’s global impact has reached microentrepreneurs in India and 74 other countries thanks to supplier donors - like Numi Organic Tea - who have contributed more than $12 million for poverty alleviation.  During March, the generosity of Numi Organic Tea is being spotlighted in Whole Planet Foundation’s Annual Prosperity Campaign, taking place in Whole Foods Market stores and  Please join Numi Organic Tea in alleviating poverty and make your donation today to #FundHerFuture.