Northern Virginia Technology Council Names Booz Allen’s Julie McPherson Among Top Tech Executives

Dec 10, 2019 7:00 AM ET
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Booz Allen Senior Vice President Julie McPherson has made a career of driving federal agencies’ transformation through digital applications. On November 19, the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) named her among the 2019 NVTC Tech 100, a list of groundbreaking companies, leaders and innovators within the region’s technology industry.

“The NVTC Tech 100 is an impressive collection of businesses and individuals working to expand tech innovation in the region,” Virginia Senator Mark Warner said in the awards announcement. “I congratulate those working to make the technology community in Virginia one of the best and brightest in the nation.”

A career in technology and transformation

Julie McPherson leads Booz Allen’s Digital business, which is transforming the nation’s top defense, civil, and intelligence agencies with innovative digital applications and services. Julie’s organization of 1,000+ technologists—plus a wider network of 8,000+ specialists in digital strategy, data platforms, software engineering, and digital experience—ensures clients can securely integrate technologies that will accelerate and advance their missions.

“I am incredibly honored to be recognized among other technology leaders by the Northern Virginia Tech Council,” stated McPherson. “At Booz Allen, I am committed to delivering technical innovation for our clients’ missions and to be acknowledged for that in our community is extremely gratifying.”

Projects over her career include:

  • Implementation of large-scale technology programs for the FDA's regulatory programs
  • Modernization of the largest grant-making agencies’ technology platform
  • Establishing the new platform for the National Park Service

McPherson is also a leader in Booz Allen’s efforts to scale, deepen, and retain digital talent.

Julie’s 24 years at Booz Allen offers her a perspective recognized by both younger talent at the firm of how to progress at a large consulting firm. She is sought out as a mentor, especially from emerging women leaders and—most importantly—makes time to meet with support staff, technical team members, and emerging leaders.

“CNBC once again ranked Virginia as the top state for business. This region continues to showcase the nation’s top technology companies and the brightest workforce,” said NVTC President and CEO Bobbie Kilberg said in the announcement release.

Building complex systems for “real people”

Companies and individuals on the 2019 NVTC Tech 100 list are recognized for their dedication, vision, and innovation within the region’s technology industry. Julie has contributed to the design and creation of some of the most complex and sophisticated systems for the country.

With a passion for building technology for real people—citizens, the federal workforce, and soldiers on the battlefield—McPherson integrates human-centered design, agile processes, and customer experience principles. Her commitment to the client mission ensures that Booz Allen’s technology solutions are focused on outcomes rather than technology alone.

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