Nonstop Goodness

Join JetBlue in celebrating good for the month of November! Throughout November, those who volunteer in the communities we serve. Go to to show us how much you care for your community and become part of the JetBlue For Good Crew.
Nov 14, 2016 1:00 PM ET

We’ve been in the business of caring since 2000, setting out to bring humanity back to air travel. First, we challenged the industry by making their extras our standards. We’ve continued to soar forward by inspiring humanity. However, caring extends beyond what we do at 35,000 feet. At JetBlue, we’re committed to making the communities we serve even better. Because it’s not just about where we fly. It’s about engaging and working with the cities that our customers and crewmembers call home.

After going to our crewmembers and customers to find out where their passions lay, we developed our three areas of focus: Youth & Education, Community, and Environment. With these pillars in mind, we’ve been able to accomplish some great things over the years:

  • We’ve built playgrounds in needed areas in an effort to make sure all kids have access to play!
  • JetBlue has brought STEM education to underserved areas.
  • We’ve even put a farm at New York’s JFK Airport!