New Look, Same Vision: SAC Is Now Cascale

Feb 28, 2024 9:10 AM ET
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We are Cascale.

Formerly the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Cascale kicks off a new era of impact empowering collaboration to drive equitable and restorative business practices in the consumer goods industry; co-founder Rick Ridgeway and other notable speakers attend celebratory event

AMSTERDAM, HONG KONG and OAKLAND, Calif., February 28, 2024 /3BL/ - Yesterday, Cascale, formerly the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), celebrated its rebrand with members, partners, stakeholders, and co-founder Rick Ridgeway at an event in London. The global nonprofit alliance empowers collaboration to drive equitable and restorative business practices in the consumer goods industry – its new name references scaling collective action.

Spanning over 300 retailers, brands, manufacturers, governments, academics, industry associations, and NGOs/nonprofits around the globe, Cascale’s members are united by a singular vision: To catalyze impact at scale and give back more than they take to the planet and its people. The logo’s elements symbolize the organization’s three member categories and external stakeholders, all critical players in advancing a unified strategy announced in September 2023.

For more history and context, please view the rebrand announcement press release and video; click here to view and download photos from the event, where speakers included, among others:

Rick Ridgeway, author, adventurer, former vice president of sustainability and public engagement at Patagonia, and Cascale’s co-founder: “We initially founded Cascale with the goal of scaling collective action throughout the consumer goods industry. That vision is one step closer today. I am so proud of the progress we have achieved — but there is much more to be done. Every year, we must double down on progress, including reducing emissions, and improving social justice. We need collective action at scale to save our planet and its people. With Cascale, I know we can do this together.”

Andrew Martin, executive vice president at Cascale: “With the social and environmental challenges facing the world and our industries today, the need for collective action at scale has never been greater. Building on our origins and experience with the Higg Index, which demonstrates true collaboration throughout the value chain, we believe the time for new energy is ripe. Cascale’s branding reflects not only the diverse perspectives of our members, partners, and stakeholders but also a renewed commitment and urgency focused on scaling collective action at this critical juncture. Together, we can transform the consumer goods industry into one that gives back more than it takes to the planet and its people.”

Tamar Hoek, Cascale board chair and senior policy director at Solidaridad, a non-corporate Cascale member: “Solidaridad joined Cascale because we believe in the vision of a global platform that brings together diverse voices — elevating the voices of manufacturers, in addition to brands. This is critically important. With Cascale’s members and collaborators, we have both the expertise to facilitate collective action and a common vision to be part of the solution.”

Sean Cady, Cascale board director and vice president of Global Sustainability at VF Corporation, a Cascale member: “After years of enabling positive impact for people and planet through the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s harmonized methodology, the organization evolves into Cascale, leveraging the SAC’s learnings and tools to create even greater positive impact. We must act with a sense of urgency to elevate our collective action for scaled sustainability improvements. I’m excited about the opportunity ahead and confident, with the conviction and dedication of all stakeholders, the consumer products industries will deliver elevated sustainability performance, supported by Cascale.”

Scott Raskin, chief executive officer at Worldly, the exclusive platform for the Higg Index tools, which has become the leader in environmental and social impact data for the apparel and footwear industry: “This is not a revolution but an evolution – the partnership between Worldly and Cascale is stronger today than ever. We have spent the past fifteen years on measurement and now is the time to scale this impact to provide greater value to members. Together, we are strengthening the Higg Index tools to facilitate industry-wide harmonization, to reduce duplicative efforts, and to provide radical collaboration for tool, program, and policy adoption. We look forward to seeing the impact of our collective action and leading the transformation of the consumer goods industry.”

Paul Wright, group executive director ESG, PDS Multinational, a Cascale member: “The organization’s vision today mirrors its founding, and the significance of the Higg Index tools is even more widely felt. For years, global apparel has been the testing ground for renewed sustainability ambitions. Now, this industry has even more to gain from Cascale’s broadening network, and vice versa. I’m excited to be part of industrial collaboration within our sector for all partners within the supply chain.”

Alexander Kohnstamm, executive director at Fair Wear, a Cascale partner: “Due diligence regulation is here to stay, and stakeholder-validated supply chain risk information is crucial for both impact and compliance. Only through education and collaboration can brands do what it takes, and Cascale facilitates this for its members. Fair Wear is happy to make our 25 years of multi-stakeholder experience in human rights due diligence available to Cascale brands, through a partnership that's truly unique in the sector."

Lisa Ly, senior sustainability manager at Dunelm, a home furnishings retailer and Cascale candidate member: “Dunelm is proud to work with Cascale to accelerate collective action fueled by data-driven decision making. We look forward to our continued partnership to drive further progress across home and the entire consumer goods value chain.”


Cascale is the global nonprofit alliance empowering collaboration to drive equitable and restorative business practices in the consumer goods industry. Spanning over 300 retailers, brands, manufacturers, governments, academics, and NGO/nonprofit affiliates around the globe, we are united by a singular vision: To catalyze impact at scale and give back more than we take to the planet and its people. Formerly known as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Cascale owns and develops the Higg Index and a unified strategy for industry transformation.

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