New Cummins CEO Says Energy Transition Is Chance for Company To Shine

Nov 28, 2022 2:30 PM ET
Meeting with female high school students touring a Cummins’ facility on International Day of the Girl was a joy for Cummins' new CEO Jennifer Rumsey.


Describing her first 90 days as a whirlwind, Cummins Inc.’s new CEO says she believes more than ever this is a moment of truth for the planet and society and an opportunity for the company to shine.

“We have the opportunity and responsibility to leverage our expertise to develop sustainable solutions that enable our customers' success, positively impact our communities and protect our planet for future generations,” said Jennifer Rumsey, President and CEO of the global power technology leader. “And we are doing just that.”

In an essay on the company’s website, Rumsey also said she is even more convinced after 90 days that keeping her focus on purpose, people and impact moving forward will be critical.

Cummins wants to be a leader on the world’s climate challenges, believing the collective effort to reduce carbon emissions is a growth opportunity for the company. Cummins has been bringing to market no-carbon technologies for customers who are ready while working to reduce emissions produced by its traditional products such as internal combustion engines.

The technology leader has also played a lead role in advancing the supply of green, no-carbon hydrogen, producing electrolyzers to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen.

“The work we do individually and collectively matters and has purpose,” Rumsey said in her essay. “We power some of the world's most demanding and economically important applications and we play a critical role in the broader transition to a clean economy.

“We have a unique opportunity to do something no one else can do: help our diverse customers succeed as the energy transition happens because of our broad portfolio of power solutions, global service, expertise, and understanding and ability to optimize performance of our customers' applications and lessen our impact on the planet,” Rumsey added. “And we have an opportunity to continue to grow our business as we do that.”

Rumsey has had a long and groundbreaking career at the company, serving in various roles including Cummins’ first female Chief Technical Officer and now its first female CEO. She said she believes connecting employees to the company’s purpose and creating inclusive work environments are “key to driving innovation and delivering solutions for our stakeholders.”

Rumsey says it’s also critical to keep people at the center of technology.

“At every opportunity, I make sure to reinforce our commitment to keeping people at the center of technology transition and continuing to invest in developing the incredible talent across the company, providing opportunities to grow careers and increase impact.”