New Conference Sessions Announced for 2014 International Corporate Citizenship Conference

Jan 16, 2014 9:30 AM ET

The 2014 Corporate Citizenship Conference is an opportunity to hear from corporate citizenship leaders who have tackled similar issues in their companies. We will offer four sessions that will feature company case studies, focusing not only on successes but also on lessons learned.

Content is presented in a cohesive and contiguous manner and provides attendees with ample opportunity for participation with panelists. You won't want to miss these breakout sessions.

Adapting corporate-community alliances to excel
Pitney Bowes recognizes that developing alliances with nonprofits is a two-way street. Both parties must bring resources to the table and realize benefits from the relationship. In its partnership with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, the Pitney Bowes team was able to find a similar innovative spirit and entrepreneurial nature that defines their business. This session will focus on building a strong relationship with nonprofits, engaging on the ground employees and executives alike, and nurturing a relationship that lasts.

Building a nonprofit partnership that really works: Five fail-safe rules

Edison International - the parent company of Southern California Edison - has partnered with the American Red Cross to help prepare Southern California for major natural disasters and respond effectively when they occur. Through the addition of its philanthropic component to an existing inter-utility mutual assistance agreement, Edison sent personnel, vehicles and equipment to help restore power and staff shelters in response to Superstorm Sandy's devastation on the East Coast. In this session, you will learn how to take advantage of existing networks, connect your philanthropy to the core of your business, and engage employees and customers alike as Edison International offers five key recommendations for establishing a foolproof corporate-nonprofit partnership.

Designing a signature program that aligns with your company's core competency

The UPS Road Code Teen Safe Driving signature program leverages a key competency of the UPS business, engages an integral employee population, and meets an important need for the community. The partnership with UPS and Boys & Girls Clubs of America provides young people with knowledge and skills to address the critical issue of teen driving accidents and fatalities. UPS Road Code takes UPS’s highly effective driver training program and repositions it to teach teens about safe driving. This session will explore the partnership with discussion around design, implementation, challenges, process improvement, curriculum, measurement and international expansion. You will learn the steps to building a successful signature program by identifying unique expertise and harnessing employee passion, and get to try out the driving simulator technology for yourself!

Best practices of an effective board training program

State Street's board training program encourages leadership skills in employees and provides quality governance for non-profit partners. Learn how State Street got this program off the ground and take away actionable steps to develop or improve your own board training program. You will hear why the program was developed, lessons learned during the roll-out, and the process by which State Street is taking this program global.

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