New Blog Post: #Commitforum: Sustainability Reporting Now ‘Businessified’

“How the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Creates Transparency & Shareholder Value”
Oct 3, 2011 4:00 PM ET

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#Commitforum: Sustainability Reporting Now ‘Businessified’

Consider the following when your board next discusses sustainability: “More votes cast in @PepsiCo Performance with Purpose campaign than in the last US presidential election.”

That nugget came out of the Sept. 26 panel on “How the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Creates Transparency & Shareholder Value” at the Commit!Forum at the Javits Center in New York City hosted by David Vidal, director of The Conference Board Sustainability Center. Those words actually came from a live Tweet from Entrepreneurs Foundation (@EFConnections) citing Michelle Greene, vice president and head of corporate responsibility at NYSEEuronext, who was on that panel, who declared that “sustainability is at the core of business strategy.”

If you take anything away from Greene’s comment and Entrepreneurs Foundation’s tweet, it should be that sustainability is here to stay. And the main reason for that is that Corporate America is “businessifying” sustainability and sustainability reporting...

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