Need Support for Your EHS Data Management and Visualization?

Antea Group Can Help
Jul 18, 2016 3:10 PM ET

CAVe is Antea Group’s bundled solution of industry-leading software tools for data management and visualization coupled with our consultants’ expertise.  

CAVe stands for:  

  • Capture (gathering data from all sources—the field, the lab, historical data from other consultants—everywhere.)
  • Analyze (digging in to the data itself—its validity, quality, and completeness.)
  • Visualize (looking at or transforming the data in meaningful ways—tables, charts, models, and figures.)
  • Electronically (reduces manual manipulation of data – decreasing  error; data flow between management and visualization programs is electronic increasing efficiency)

You can think of CAVe as two main components: Data Management and Visualization. These components can be implemented together or separately, depending on your project, and can be tailored to fit your needs. CAVe can increase the quality and precision of your data and provide spatial analysis and visualization to support project initiatives in a cost-effective/efficient way. Your data quality and the quality of your deliverables increases.  

There’s no black box here—our project teams have web-enabled access and full transparency into their data. CAVe can be applied across all portfolios and service lines. It’s a customizable, flexible, and robust enterprise solution. 

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