Navigating Methamphetamine Contamination and Remediation Challenges: Regulations, Costs, and Best Practices

An Antea Group Webinar
Nov 8, 2023 1:00 PM ET
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November 8, 2023 /3BL/ - We have all seen the seriousness and rapid growth of the nation’s methamphetamine epidemic in recent years. Impacts on individuals and their communities are increasingly becoming more frequent and severe. The significant human health risks associated with exposure to methamphetamine are well known, but as users and producers of the drug become more prevalent throughout communities, property damage and resulting claims from methamphetamine contamination are also on the rise.

Claims associated with smoking and/or producing the drug are increasing and affecting residential settings, public areas, and workplaces. These incidents are both disruptive and costly to property owners who must restrict access, decontaminate and, in some cases rebuild, in those areas affected by the residual methamphetamine contamination. Regulations are beginning to emerge to direct what is necessary to address methamphetamine contamination to be protective of human health and some states have specific certification requirements for who can remediate this type of contamination.

For an insurance claim manager, understanding what is reasonable and necessary can be a challenge when faced with significant costs to remediate and repair/rebuild the affected property.

Join us on November 28th at 2pm ET as our experts share their experiences and insights related to Navigating Methamphetamine Contamination and Remediation Challenges: Regulations, Costs, and Best Practices. We will address the existing regulatory landscape at both the EPA and state levels and present two separate case studies of methamphetamine contamination incidents and resulting clean-up activities and costs. Our experts will share the lessons learned from Antea Group’s review of these incidents and provide best practices as they relate to the appropriate level of remediation and the necessary costs associated with the response to these types of claims.

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