Nalco Announces Breakthrough in Industrial Membrane Performance Management, 3D TRASAR® Technology for Membranes with New Green Chemistry

Sep 6, 2011 8:45 AM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) Naperville, IL - September 6, 2011 - Nalco (NYSE: NLC), providing essential expertise for water, energy and air, today introduced a new solution for improving performance, reducing the total cost of ownership and shrinking the environmental footprint of industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems. The launch of 3D TRASAR Technology for Membranes was announced at the International Desalination Association World Congress in Perth, Australia.

“3D TRASAR Technology for Membranes improves the operation of RO systems and yields a variety of sustainability benefits for our customers,” said Erik Fyrwald, Nalco Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “It cuts water consumption, wastewater production, energy use and chemical treatment use, all while extending the life of the RO membranes.”

This innovative technology is a completely integrated solution which includes patented TRASAR® technology for accurate feeding and dosing, state-of-the-art membrane system performance monitoring, and 24/7/365 oversight and troubleshooting advice from Nalco 360™ Service Expert Center professionals. The automation and Nalco 360 Service Expert Center advice enables “service on demand”, avoiding unnecessary cleanings while ensuring cleanings are performed before membrane performance is irreversibly reduced.  In applicable geographies, Nalco will provide membrane cleaning services and provide replacement membrane elements. A new approach to oxidation reduction potential monitoring, alarming and response provides a reliable extra layer of protection against accidental chlorine damage to the membranes.

3D TRASAR Technology for Membranes also includes proprietary, green antiscalants designed to improve membrane life while minimizing environmental impact.  One of the new antiscalants is specifically designed to reduce or eliminate the use of high quantities of acid in treating RO systems operating on high phosphate feed waters, such as municipal waste water, reducing operating costs, improving employee safety, and conserving high quality water resources for human consumption. A second antiscalant replicates the performance of Nalco’s existing high-performance scale inhibitors, but with no phosphorous in the formulation. This allows customers to better meet new discharge regulations designed to prevent algae blooms in lakes and streams that can harm fish and other aquatic life.

“Integrated solutions provide customers with the best combination of equipment, chemistries, and services to solve problems most cost effectively,” says Dr. Manian Ramesh, Nalco Chief Technology Officer. “With 3D TRASAR Technology for Membranes, it’s possible to safely operate membrane systems at higher recovery, optimizing performance, water quality and reliability. Customers not only reduce operating costs by 5 to 15 percent or more, they can shrink their environmental footprint, providing them eROI, an environmental return on investment."

RO membranes are used to purify water used in a variety of industries including food and beverage, power generation, manufacturing, refining, chemical processing and papermaking.

Nalco’s breakthrough 3D TRASAR Technology for Membranes is the latest expansion of this award-winning technology. The cooling water and boiler water versions of 3D TRASAR technology are in use at more than 19,000 installations around the world, saving customers water and energy. For more information visit

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