M&S & Interface on SDGs Integration – Webinar Recordings

Sep 13, 2018 10:05 AM ET

13th Responsible Supply Chain Summit Europe 2018

Businesses are increasingly asked to integrate the SDGs into all business operations.

Recently Ethical Corporation conducted an in-depth 1-hour webinar with industry experts to understand how you successfully integrate the SDGs into your operations. Hear from Marks & Spencer, Interface, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and SABMiller on:

  • Identify the meaningful SDGs to your business
  • Map against your operations on a local, national and regional level
  • Engage the business and suppliers on the need and opportunities to integrate them across the supply chain functions
  • Measure your impacts against the SDGs
  • Implement an SDG-driven supply chain strategy across your operations to drive business, climate and social impact

You can access the full webinar recordings here

I hope you find it of value.

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Candy Telani Anton
Head of Europe | Ethical Corporation
0207 375 7162