How Sustainable Is Your Strategy? Insights From Reuters Impact Report

Oct 5, 2023 11:00 AM ET

October 5, 2023 /3BL/ - The urgent call to decarbonize has thrust sustainability into the spotlight on the corporate stage. Whilst the growth in reporting has created an expansive list of pressing priorities.

But how are businesses preparing for the comprehensive and complex reporting landscape? Where are they investing today, and perhaps more pertinently in the years to come, to meet the needs of regulators and climate-conscious stakeholders? And how are today’s businesses strategizing to meet their sustainability ambitions?

Discover the answers to these pivotal questions in the Reuters Impact Global Sustainability Report 2023, a valuable resource that will help shape your sustainability strategy, chart your investment course, and provide a meaningful benchmark against industry peers.

Our unique, proprietary dataset, assembled using survey responses from more than 570 sustainability practitioners and decision-makers globally, provides a detailed examination of how sustainability investments are shifting towards a new set of technologies, where businesses are setting their sustainability priorities and the strategies being pursued to meet them.

Our research has unveiled several key findings:

  • Data analysis and emissions accounting solutions are the leading destinations of business investment for sustainability purposes today, but by 2026 a new suite of technologies is expected to lead the way.
  • Our technology investment leaderboard highlights differences in investment approach between companies operating in North America and those in Europe. Are European organizations still sustainability’s trailblazers?
  • Energy and decarbonization is a top priority for a leading majority of organizations responding to our survey, however there is a distinct mix of strategies being pursued to reduce remissions.

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