Moving Away from Landfills

Sappi North America works with local farmers to offset solid waste going to landfills
Dec 12, 2019 2:30 PM ET

Solid waste

Total solid waste to landfill (kg/admta) Beneficial use of solid waste (tonne/yr) an Intensity metrics reflect the impact per air-dried metric ton of saleable product (including market pulp). Managing our solid waste and finding ways to minimize waste to landfill remains a focus at all of Sappi’s North American mills. We have an ongoing effort to find beneficial uses for byproducts. We have been particularly successful at our Cloquet Mill, where we continue to work with local farmers who use boiler ash and lime mud as soil amendments for managing soil pH, which improves growing conditions for certain crops. This past year we saw an increase in waste to landfill, an anomaly that is primarily the result of the Paper Machine 1 rebuild at Somerset.

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