A Movement of Transparency: Lightning in a Bottle

A Movement of Transparency: Lightning in a Bottle

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Lightning In a Bottle, Yoga. Photography by Jacob Taylor

Monday, April 7, 2014 - 8:00am

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Over 97% of climate scientists have concluded that the Earth’s unnatural and rapid atmospheric changes can be credited to human activity. Acidic oceans, endangered rainforests, and declining fresh water are immeasurable causes for concern. A shift in environmental politics and public policy is slowly paving the path for a greener future in California.

The critically acclaimed and internationally received event, Lightning in a Bottle (LIB), serves as an eye opener for environmental peace and conservation in California wilderness. The sprawling festival is a diverse collection of artistic performances accompanied by live music, shows, painting, yoga workshops and forward speakers. The ambience is that of a holistic retreat capturing vibes of Coachella, Burning Man, Cirque de Soleil, and Symbiosis. Statues, giant teepees and dream like structures stand tall in the rolling hills resonating with attendees to enjoy the beauty of creativity within nature. The festival is polarized in comparison to common entertainment that drives mass consumption and waste in the U.S. Farm to table, independent gardening, and a zero waste policy are all driven priorities of Lightning in a Bottle, defining the event as an interconnected sustainable force. Raw food connoisseurs demonstrate the benefits of natural, unmodified foods through holistic seminars. Hands on workshops are held through out the event, promoting creativity, connectivity and the power of thought in an organic environment. Lightning in a Bottle occurs Memorial Day weekend May 22nd-26th at the San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley California where camping is encouraged and available for the retreat. 

Recycled rattan and bamboo stages, go well beyond a simple “reuse, recycle” mentality as the festival utilizes the power of renewable energy. Biodiesel and solar energy are used to support generators, light towers, camping shuttles and crew vehicles. Reusable water containers can be purchased, and filtered water is available for all, in accordance with LIB’s “Free Water Initiative”. Plastic bottles are prohibited at the festival.

Respected non-profit, A Greener Festival has repeatedly recognized Lightning in a Bottle as the greenest festival in America. The mission statement of the NGO is direct with an intolerance of industries that support grave human rights abuses. The organization also supports international recognition of fair trade and innovative, green movements.

With San Francisco becoming the first city in America to ban the production and sell of plastic water bottles on city property, California is becoming the vanguard of sustainability. Southern California based corporation Source Intelligence is taking progressive action by helping global brands address human rights abuses, reducing corporate carbon footprints, and foreign corrupt practices in industry supply chains through the power of transparency. Pioneering actions by Lightning in a Bottle, NGO’s, and sustainable businesses will improve not only the environment but human rights issues. Transparency will mitigate the muddied waters of unethical working conditions and motivate sustainability. 

The power of change lies within the consistency and integrity of powerful organizations. 

For more information on the sustainable movements mentioned above visit:

Lightning in a Bottle: http://lightninginabottle.org/

Non-profit, A Greener Festival:  http://www.agreenerfestival.com/

Source Intelligence:  http://www.sourceintelligence.com/
By, Jahara Victoria

Sustainability Journalist