Molson Coors Canada Takes a Stand for Responsible Choices

'Stamp of Responsibility' to appear on all cases
Apr 10, 2012 2:00 PM ET

(3BL Media) April 10, 2012 - Starting this month, Molson Coors has become the first brewer in Canada to place a stamp promoting alcohol responsibility on their products. The stamp features a set of four icons, each emphasizing a different responsibility area involved in the brewing and consumption of beer. The icons will make their first appearance on cases of Molson Canadian, Coors Light and Molson Dry in Ontario and Quebec, and the stamp will eventually be featured on all Molson Coors products across the country.

"For us, putting this stamp on our beer is the next logical step in our rich tradition of encouraging responsible consumption by consumers, and fostering a commitment to environmental responsibility in brewing," said Gavin Thompson, Senior Director, Public Affairs for Molson Coors.

The four icons on the stamp are designed to:

  1. remind consumers that drinking during pregnancy is inappropriate
  2. showcase that drinking and driving is unacceptable
  3. reinforce the importance of serving only to those of legal drinking age
  4. highlight Molson Coors' commitment to making sustainable choices with all aspects of their products, including brewing, transportation and marketing

While Molson Coors has developed the icons for use on their own packaging, they are also making them available for other brewers in Canada who would like to use them. Over the course of the next few months, other brewers like Picaroon's Traditional Ales, Cassel Brewery Company and Village Brewery will join and feature their versions of the icons on their cases as well. Molson Coors has invited all Canadian brewers to participate in this initiative.

Placing the icons on case is the latest step in the field of responsibility by Molson Coors who has already won praise for co-founding and continuing to support TAXIGUY Inc., a Canada-wide service that's helped over 3 million Canadians hail taxis get home safely. The brewer is also listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for undertaking a series of advances to increase sustainability in their brewing, packaging and distribution processes.

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