Microsoft, AT&T and Nike on AI

Aug 7, 2018 3:00 PM ET

We’re on the threshold of a new era, where rapid advances in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cloud computing, and automation will transform how we live and work.

Ethical Corporation has just published a new 40-page briefing that delves into the impact of AI on business and society and I wanted to send this across to you -you can access the report here.

There’s 40-pages of expert response and analysis from the likes of Danone, Nike, Flex, AT&T, PwC, Infosys, Microsoft, Sodexo and many more on:

  • All change: How AI is disrupting business
  • The reskilling challenge: Who will mind the robots?
  • Apocalypse soon? Fears rise of AI arms race
  • AI for good: How tech could transform sustainability
  • Machine learning: Automation case studies

Click here to receive the 40-page briefing

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