mGive Guest Blog: Give Where You Live

Dec 6, 2011 6:40 PM ET
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At The mGive Foundation, we take an active role in supporting all mGive clients. It’s something we are passionate about and we strive to help whenever possible. It’s a core part of our values and beliefs as an organization and I’m proud to say we exercise it whenever possible. Being based in Denver, we have the extra benefit of being more “hands on” with Colorado charities in our own backyard to make even more of a difference in the nonprofit sector.

One of the many reasons to love Colorado - the open green space!

Today is Colorado Gives Day, dedicated to raising awareness of Colorado charities and driving financial support of those charities by asking Coloradoans to donate locally. The key driving concept behind Colorado Gives Day is “give where you live.” To me this concept is simple, but extremely profound.

By allocating some of your time, resources and financial support to local charities, you too have the benefit of seeing your actions make a difference in your own community.  The funds you direct to a local nonprofit may support your homebound neighbor, the lost dog wandering up your street or result in more trees being planted to beautify your local parks. So while in a sense you are giving something away, you are also giving something to yourself. Your community will be better off due to the fact you are investing in it.

Your state may not participate in a “gives day,” but I would still encourage you to think about how you can give locally in conjunction with your other charitable activities. And of course, being in the business I’m in, I always encourage you to give through mobile!


Jenifer Snyder is the Executive Director of The mGive Foundation. The mGive Foundation furthers the mobile channel for social good through education and policy initiatives while supporting mGive clients engaged in mobile campaigns. Learn more at: