Mercer Study Shows Increased International Interest in Responsible Investing

Jan 18, 2012 8:05 AM ET

BrownFlynn's SustainGenuity Blog

Recently the Financial Times published an article stating that U.S. investors are ramping up their efforts around environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, particularly in regard to climate change, according to a new Mercer study.

Historically U.S.-based investment institutions have lagged behind their European counterparts in implementing ESG strategies. Of the more than 915 institutions that signed the UNPRI, only 63% went on to follow the allocation guidelines.   The Mercer study entitled: “Climate Change Scenarios – Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation“, looks at 12 institutional investors with more than $3 trillion under management combined and tracked their investment behavior over the past year with regard to ESG. The study found that 80% of the institutions have increased, or will soon increase, their ESG-related engagement with either asset managers or directly with companies. This is to better understand the inherent climate risk in various strategies.   Continue reading and comment about the Mercer Study showing increased international interest in responsible investing.   BRFL20235