Meet Petr Distler from the Czech Republic

Sep 22, 2016 10:00 AM ET
Campaign: Amgen Teach

School: Gymnazium Altis

Subject and Grade Taught: Chemistry, 6-13 Grade

Years Teaching: 3 years

Years in Amgen Teach community: 1

Participation in Amgen Teach programme: National trainings, DLA7 and the 12th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

Petr is a Chemistry teacher from Prague (Czech Republic) that has participated in all the different types of Amgen Teach activities since his enrolment in the programme last year.

As an Amgen Teach participant, Peter had an opportunity to watch and try a wide range of chemical experiments and IBSE teaching tasks during trainings. He shared experiences about his own classes and had nice and fruitful discussions after each thematic block. When going back to his lessons, he realized not only that he was confident with all sort of new classroom materials, but also, on where to put the emphasis during his lessons in order to make it more attractive to students.

"In my opinion, my students appreciated mainly the practical tasks – hands-on activities. I applied new ones during my classes, providing them with more practical examples connected to the curriculum."

As for the DLAs, Petr especially liked the fact he obtained prepared teaching materials on IBSE, schools experiences and evaluation materials, all presented by the teacher who created them.

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