Measuring Natural Capital and Practicing the Circular Economy

Measuring Natural Capital and Practicing the Circular Economy

WBCSD's Sustain Newsletter | July 2017


We recently launched the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit, a brand new resource to help companies implement the Natural Capital Protocol. The Protocol and Toolkit help businesses address natural capital depletion by improving understanding, measurement and decision-making. Find the right tools to measure and value natural capital today!

Friday, July 21, 2017 - 7:55am

Action at the High-Level Political Forum

We hosted two sessions yesterday and today at the UN's High-Level Political Forum, a crucial event to delivering the SDGs - as a platform for dialogue, the Forum helps to ensure that programs and ideas are supported, analyzed and informed.! Read up on how business is stepping up for transformational partnerships to achieve the SDGs and the joint communiqué issued with leading business organizations attending the forum.  In addition, read the blog entry by Irge Olga Aujouannet our Director of Global Policy Affairs, on the UN’s sustainable development platform, entitled The SDGs: far-sighted business leaders’ roadmap for success.

Practicing the Circular Economy

You’ve seen the CEO Guide to the Circular Economy -now check out our new Guide for Practitioners! This is a living catalogue that WBCSD will continuously update to include the newest examples, strategies and tools in the Circular Economy space. Our Circular Economy team will also be conducting a series of workshops and webinars on the Guide in the upcoming months. What are you waiting for? The future of business is circular!

Apply for our Leadership Program now

WBCSD’s 2018 Leadership Program is now open to applications! If you are up to the challenge, this demanding and rewarding program offers the opportunity to learn skills that will benefit not only you but your employer, society and the environment. This year, we are also offering a limited number of places for non-member participants. Read more about applying here.

From Fork to Farm

Worldwide, food systems are under increasing pressure – systemic issues leading to food insecurity, famine and hunger, as well as over-consumption, food loss and waste. As close to 100% of our food is produced and delivered by the private sector, we need business’ involvement and expertise to deliver healthy food for all, produced responsibly within planetary boundaries. Find out more here.

Tell your story in pictures

Can you document a photo-story that promotes projects with community, human or environmental impact? London Business School’s new Photography Awards wants to hear from you! LBS is looking for a series of pictures that describes inspiring work in these areas, with the most powerful images to be showcased at an exhibition in January 2018. Enter the contest today!

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