mBlog: mGive's Integrative Mobile Campaign Tactics

Jan 24, 2012 12:00 PM ET
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mGive's Integrative Mobile Campaign Tactics

Over the past year, mGive has seen a multitude of mobile campaigns through from inception to completion. As the mobile industry evolves, so do we – as consumers, creators and even participants. Yet, our goal remains the same: to educate, engage and empower nonprofits and their stakeholders through our groundbreaking utilization of SMS (text message) technology.

As we gear up for 2012, we look forward to sharing new ways to understand the potential of SMS technology, along with unique and easy ways to apply SMS to your organization’s cause. One of our recent favorites is from the Best Friends Animal Society. Their engagement campaign, Pledge to Adopt, utilized mobile in a unique way. Instead of asking for monetary donations, they encouraged supporters to “go mobile” and join the No More Homeless Pets movement by taking the pledge—and committing to adopt their next pet from a shelter or rescue group today – all by texting the word ADOPT to 90999. As with all mobile campaigns, Message and Data rates may apply. For terms, see www.mGive.com/E.

To date, the emotional call-to-action has resulted in 1,418 mobile supporter pledges. Using this powerful call-to-action has empowered the Best Friends Animal Society to build their mobile community while reaching a larger audience.

Looking to do the same? Consider integrating these take-a-ways into your mobile campaign:

  1. Integrate the mobile call-to-action (whether donation or engagement) into your existing supporter touch points. For example, into your website’s current donation page or printed collateral.

  2. Remember to also balance your call-to-actions with ongoing communication that includes both concrete statistics and emotional appeal.

  3. Utilize the tracking application on your client dashboard to showcase the number of current supporter pledges.

  4. When showcasing success stories, tie the conflict and resolution back to your mission statement. For example, “It’s been two years since Mabel was given her freedom…That’s the ending Best Friends wants to create for all animals.”

  5. Don’t forget to include your disclaimer language! Supporters are more likely to engage when the disclaimer language is included. It shows transparency on behalf of the organization.

Make sure to keep these tactics in mind for all of your 2012 mobile campaigns. Get a head start on the planning by referencing mGive’s recent mWebinar “How To Be An Effective Mobile Communicator” in your client dashboard under the “Resources” tab. Or, contact your Account Manager at: CS@mGive.com and get the conversation started.


Angela Whaley is the Senior Account Manager at mGive. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the last three years, including the Best Friends Animal Society. mGive, a Mobile Accord service, educates, engages and empowers nonprofits and their stakeholders through our groundbreaking utilization of SMS (text message) technology. Contact Angela by texting ANGELA to 50555. Message and Data rates may apply. For full terms visit www.mGive.com/E.