L.O.V.E at Tapestry

Latinas on the Verge of Excellence joins Tapestry for a conversation on the power of mentorship
Feb 14, 2024 10:55 AM ET
Six women sitting on stools engaged in a panel discussion
Panelists from L.O.V.E. and Tapestry

At Tapestry we believe that difference sparks brilliance. Equity, inclusion and diversity pave the way for unlocking the potential of our people, our business and our communities. Our six Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRG) seek to help build deep and powerful connections between employees of different generations and backgrounds through shared lived experiences.

Juntos Unidos, Tapestry's Hispanic/Latinx EBRG, seeks to promote and celebrate the rich cultural diversity, history and contributions of the Hispanic/Latinx community and empower our members to prosper personally and professionally.

Last month, Juntos Unidos hosted our most recent Unscripted event with the organization L.O.V.E. (Latinas on the Verge of Excellence) on the topics of young women and empowerment. We sat down with Claudia Espinosa, founder of Latinas On the Verge of Excellence - L.O.V.E. - to discuss the power of mentorship. L.O.V.E.'s Mentoring Program empowers young women to identify their innate strength to fulfill their personal and professional goals through mentorship and health education targeted at mental, reproductive and physical health as well as college and career readiness.

Unscripted is Tapestry’s internal speaker series that brings in inspiring guests, leaders and organizations for important conversations. During the conversation, L.O.V.E. leaders, mentors and students explored how the organization is helping to make an impact through mentorship and education with the help of corporate partnerships.

Learn more about L.O.V.E. here.