LIXIL Takes a Step Forward in the Responsible Use of Resources Establishing its Global Plastic Action Statement

Contributing to the Realization of a Sustainable, Circular Economy
Oct 30, 2020 4:05 PM ET
Campaign: LIXIL Corporation

“As part of LIXIL’s contribution to a circular economy, we aim to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 through the implementation of environmentally friendly business processes, and innovation in its products and services. Until now, we have implemented global measures to minimize our environmental footprint across all our operations, including the sustainable use of resources - from the procurement of materials through to the disposal of our products. The LIXIL Plastic Action Statement brings us together, strengthening our frameworks to use plastics and other resources more responsibly and through innovation. I am confident that our environmentally friendly solutions can help make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere,” said Kinya Seto, CEO of LIXIL.

Leading the group’s commitment, GROHE, launched the Less Plastics Initiative in 2018 to switch to alternative materials in its product packaging. Until September 2020, GROHE eliminated approximately 21 million items of product packaging made from plastic; by 2021, this figure is to be significantly increased to up to 35 million. GROHE’s comprehensive approach includes product innovation such as GROHE Blue, which delivers chilled and two types of sparkling water directly out of the kitchen faucet, helping to reduce the use of plastic bottles. It is also a partner of the Pacific Garbage Screening (PGS) project, which aims to reduce plastic waste in natural water sources.

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