LIXIL Collaborates with USAID, Reckitt-Benckiser, and UNICEF to Improve Sanitation and Hand-Hygiene

Oct 15, 2020 5:15 PM ET
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PISCATAWAY, N.J., October 15, 2020 /3BL Media/ – To mark Global Handwashing Day on October 15, LIXIL Group Corporation (“LIXIL”, TSE Code: 5938) announced it will work with three global change-makers to improve sanitation and hand-hygiene in the world. LIXIL has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the United States Agency for International Development (“USAID”) to develop the sanitation and hygiene market, will collaborate with Reckitt Benckiser to bundle 500,000 bars of Dettol soap with its SATO Tap for developing markets, and advocate for building a sustainable sanitation and hygiene market with UNICEF.

In June 2020, LIXIL announced the SATO Tap, an affordable solution designed for homes and facilities without access to running water.  Applying LIXIL’s strong design and engineering expertise, the SATO Tap is a versatile solution that can be adapted easily for households without access to running water, that can be fitted with a wide variety of plastic bottles to serve as water tanks, releases a steady stream of water – enough to wash one’s hands but conserve water – and limits direct contact with hands to turn it on and off.

“Three billion people today do not have access to handwashing facilities in their home. Through the power of partnership and collaboration, we can help to build the policies, products, supply chains and services needed to build a sustainable sanitation and now hygiene market as well that will reach underserved communities. LIXIL is proud to contribute to the goal of improving sanitation and hygiene for all, and believe that together we can bring lasting change,” said Kinya Seto, CEO of LIXIL.

Washing hands with soap before eating or after going to the toilet can reduce the risk of getting diarrhea among children by 40%.  In 2017, diarrhea accounted for approximately 8% of all deaths among children under the age of five. The inequities in access to water, sanitation, and hygiene are today further exposed and strained at a time when washing hands with soap and water can help contain the spread of the COVID-19 global pandemic and save lives.

“It is eye-opening to realize how many people lack access to running water or proper sanitation, even in our own backyard,” said Trey Northrup, leader, LIXIL Americas. “This partnership empowers each organization involved to make a bigger impact, both nationally and on a global scale. I can’t stress enough the importance of the work that’s being done to bring hygiene and sanitation solutions to the people who need them, especially at a time like now, and am so proud that LIXIL is at the forefront to bring lasting change.”

By working together with USAID, Dettol and UNICEF, LIXIL expands its cooperative network in both the public and private sectors as part of its drive to improve the livelihoods of 100 million people through sanitation and hygiene solutions by 2025.

LIXIL and USAID sign MOU to develop sanitation and hygiene markets

LIXIL and USAID, an independent US Federal Government Agency that supports international development and humanitarian efforts, have signed an MOU to collaborate on improving access to sanitation and hygiene in developing markets.

USAID co-leads the US government’s efforts to implement the Water for the World Act in partnership with the Department of State. By 2022, the Agency seeks to provide 15 million people with sustainable access to safe drinking water services and eight million people with sustainable access to sanitation services.

Future collaboration will also aim to strengthen sanitation supply chains and markets and create business opportunities for women entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging economies. This new partnership leverages the unique expertise, resources and reach of USAID and LIXIL to further their joint mission to strengthen sanitation and hygiene among the most vulnerable populations around the world.

LIXIL and Dettol partner to promote effective handwashing with soap

Working with Dettol, a line of hygiene products manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser, LIXIL will bundle its SATO Tap with 500,000 bars of Dettol anti-bacterial soap, a popular brand in key sanitation and hygiene markets such as India.  Bundled products will be first made available in the coming months in markets such as India, Kenya, and Tanzania.

LIXIL and UNICEF advocate for action

To date, LIXIL and UNICEF have focused on improving access to basic sanitation in three focus countries, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania through the Make a Splash! shared-value partnership. With the launch of the SATO Tap, LIXIL and UNICEF agreed to expand activities to promote immediate and sustained handwashing behavior. These activities range from collection of commercial and behavioral insights to strengthen behavior change, joint advocacy to promote hygiene programming and maximizing existing public and private sector networks and supply chains to expand access to handwashing. The partners are now scheduled to conduct joint field trials for households and local retailers that extend beyond the three countries to five, including India and Bangladesh.

As a maker of pioneering water and housing products, LIXIL has provided innovative products and services to improve sanitation and hygiene. Through its partnership network, it strives to also develop a sustainable market ecosystem, helping to make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Learn more on LIXIL’s CR Commitments, here.


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