LG TVs Cut Marriott’s CO2 Emissions 1.8M Pounds Annually

LG TVs Cut Marriott’s CO2 Emissions 1.8M Pounds Annually

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 12:00pm

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LG’s Energy Star-certified TVs installed in Marriott’s US properties since 2011 have reduced CO2 emissions by an estimated 1.8 million pounds annually compared to a non-Energy Star TVs, the company says.

That’s equivalent to saving 6.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and almost $700,000 in electricity costs over the lifetime of these products, Marriott says. For this, LG Electronics received Marriott International’s 2013 Supplier Sustainability Award, an accolade given each year to a supplier that helps the hotel chain meet its sustainability goals.

LG supports Marriott’s sustainability objectives in 20 countries by improving its TV product development, manufacturing and usage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, the company says. LG also has improved the energy efficiency of its TVs and uses more sustainable materials, Marriott says.

LG’s hotel TVs installed in Marriott properties have an intelligent sensor, dynamic power savings and static power savings — all energy efficiency features designed that deliver cost savings per room.

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