Lessons in Paper-making With International Paper

Jul 12, 2021 1:40 PM ET
Bogalusa team member, Scot Martin, demonstrates the paper-making process for students at Wesley Ray Elementary School.

ANGIE, La. - Students at Wesley Ray Elementary School are learning how paper is made thanks to Scot Martin, a paper machine technical assistant who works on International Paper’s Industrial Packaging team in the company’s Bogalusa, La. Mill. Scot demonstrated the paper-making process for the school's summer program students.

Scot used screens, rollers, an iron and actual pulp from the mill to make squares of brown paper. He explained the logging, pulping and pressing process, as well as the process for turning containerboard into boxes. Each child received a Paper is Power coloring book to take home after the demonstration.

Scot discussed science concepts like gravity and heat in his demonstration, but also addressed the importance of social development.

"You can start today to get ready for a job at the paper mill," he told the classes. "You start now by coming to school every day; listen to your teachers; do your homework. I have my job at the mill because I show up every day and I'm willing to work hard, and you can start doing that today."

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